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URANG (pronounced, yoo-rang) is a natural and organic skincare beauty brand with values rooted in honesty and consciousness. URANG. “U” (you) + “RANG” (with), equals to ‘safely-made products for you and I (the whole family). Founder, Jina Lee, a mother, and aromatherapist, created a skincare line with high-quality natural, organic ingredients, safe for the whole family. URANG strives to become a leading brand in Korea as well as overseas, a truly natural and organic skincare beauty brand. URANG’s motto is to minimize the use of potentially harmful substances starting from cosmetics to daily items. URANG defines beauty as “naturalness found in safety” and this is also the brand philosophy.

– URANG’s skincare products are made of natural and organic ingredients with an – average EWG score of 1.
– The organic skincare line contains an average of 89.9% organic ingredients.
– The skincare line contains an average of 99.88% natural ingredients.
– URANG only uses essential oils for fragrance.

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